Whatever time you put into the training of the Dog, you will get back in results!

About Paws with Laws

Paws with Laws Dog Obedience Training is locally owned and operated by Samantha Lifsches.


Paws with Laws offers Group Obedience Classes and Private Classes, specializing in positive reinforcement and “clicker training” methods.


Samantha is a Dog Trainer certified within Canada and the USA. She is a graduate from the Animal Behaviour College, specialising in Dog Obedience Training with continued education in Training Shelter Dogs, Pet Sitting/Boarding, Professional Dog Walking, and Pet First Aid.


At the age of 6, Samantha found herself training the family dog to do new tricks and agility courses, and it was plain to see, by all, that when she grew up dog training could become a successful career! With her love of animals and years of experience in working with everything from dogs, cats, horses, exotic parrots, gerbils, rabbits, fish, iguanas, turtles and even monkeys! Samantha has followed her passion in helping others. “I’m not only training the dog, I’m training the handler”.


Samantha has attended various seminars with top, well known dog Trainers. She has over 1 year experience working within a Veterinarian Clinic and has learned a lot about the health and safety of pets. She has participated in “Flyball” and “Agility” (dog sports) and looks forward to becoming more active in the dog sports world.


Samanatha has a golden retriever named Ella and a Newfoundland dog named Daisy.


Samantha occasionally visits local elementary schools to teach the children how to properly greet a dog safely.


What is Positive Reinforcement?

What is Positive Reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement is rewarding the good behaviours and ignoring the bad. Sounds easy? It is. However, there are some key steps to being successful:


• Having a high value reward (treats; toys; praise)

• Timing is everything

•  Keep it short

• Consistency is key

• Knowing when you should  “reward”