Samantha was our instructor for a basic obedience for our energetic Australian Sheppard 7-month-old puppy and did an amazing job with a diverse class of varied puppies of all descriptions. She was constantly encouraging and positive and taught the owners a lot about how to handle those crazy puppies! We can only give Samantha our highest endorsement for a great course and a fun relaxed environment. Thanks a lot!


Steve and Kay (and Taz)

Samantha is a great instructor!  We had some private sessions for our puppy Kaeto to teach him (and us) some obedience basics.  The results were fantastic so we then enrolled him in the group classes.  The clicker training is an invaluable tool when training Kaeto to do anything.  Samantha has a great love for animals and her patience and strong communication skills make for a fun and educational experience!"




I really enjoyed bringing my dog to Sam's group class.  The class was diverse, ranging from first time owners with puppies to more mature dogs and Sam able to tailor the class to suit everyone, whatever level.  We recommend Paws with Laws to all our clients whether they are looking for one on one help for a particular problem or group sessions for obedience and socialization.


Jonathan and Ron, Fetch Harbour Dog Spaw

Our family had a great experience with Paw With Laws Obedience training! Being new dog parents to our girl Ruby, we learned lots of basic techniques that we still use today, nearly a year later. Samantha focuses on positive reinforcement, clicker and treat training which worked well with our new, very busy and easily distracted puppy. Living in a rural area, our Ruby is rarely on leash, so the “loose leash walking” and “recall” portion of the program was a great help to us. With great patience, well-honed skills, experience and no nonsense approach, it’s not hard to tell she’s been an animal lover her entire life.  I highly recommend Samantha and her program!


Melissa Hearn

In just 3 sessions with Samantha, my teenaged daughter and I learned, and were able to implement, basic commands (i.e. sit, lay down, recall, and walk on leash) with our adorable, yet challenging 1.5lb pup!  Pixie no longer rules the house, nor does she torment and bark at our senior dog.  I highly recommend Samantha as a trainer.  She's knowledgeable, hands-on, and excellent at explaining and demonstrating various techniques.


Melissa Baker

I approached Paws With Laws because we had a 8 week old Chocolate Lab puppy that we wanted to put in basic obedience classes. Paws with Laws helped me and my boyfriend by teaching us how to train our puppy in the most effective way to make things 'stick’. Our puppy, Charley, is able to sit, stay, wait, roll over, mug, paw, lay down, loose leash walk, and the list goes on!


The result was excellent! Our pup was taught many different obedience techniques and tricks by taking this class. One thing I liked was Samantha's professionalism and ability to help each person with their dog individually if needed. I found the experience great because not only did my puppy learn a lot, but we did too. I would recommend Paws With Laws to people who need basic obedience training for their puppy/dog or if you have any issue with your dog at all! Samantha is a great person, with an awesome attitude and is always willing to help others. I will defiantly be going back to Samantha if we ever have an issue with our dog.


Thank you from Maria, Jesse and of course miss Charley! <3

Samantha Lifsches came to our rescue when we first brought Layla home with us from the shelter. She was a 1 ½ year old, 70 lb rescue dog  with an unfortunate history who ran in the opposite direction when her name was called. From our first session, Samantha was able to communicate with Layla, and in subsequent sessions she helped us do the same. Samantha doesn’t train dogs as much as she trains owners! Her wise counsel helped us understand what Layla was saying to us, and also helped Layla understand what behaviours were expected. When we ran into trouble a year later, Samantha came right over and helped us problem-solve. As usual, the difficulty was ours – not Layla’s.



I met Samantha (Paws with Laws) about three years ago when I was looking for a obedience trainer to come to Terence Bay to train a group of dogs my two Border Collies included. She was exemplary in her approach and her training methods were superb. She truely loves animals and are dedicated to them.  The girls and I loved her and were happy to go learn more every week. We also had the pleasure of joining Sam in a parade last year and are looking forward to joining her for some group walks that she has planned. I would highly recommend Samantha to any animal parents out there looking quality fun filled training!


Samantha Little